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Web APIs for Plug-and-Play Neurotechnology

At Intheon, our vision is to embed advanced neurotechnology into everyday life. We offer a middleware platform for biosignal processing and analysis, which is easily integrated into existing mobile and desktop applications through a cloud API. We accelerate scientific research and empower developers to create transformative brain- and body-aware applications impacting health and wellness, human performance, learning, interactive experiences and entertainment, and more.



A scalable real-time platform for processing EEG and other biosignals in the cloud. Anytime. Anywhere.

• RESTful API: If your application can connect to the Internet, it can be made ‘bio aware’
• Sensor-agnostic: Can integrate EEG, ECG, EMG, HID, eye tracking, motion, and more
• Select from our library of pre-built pipelines for biosignal processing and state decoding, or rapidly design your own in NeuroPype™
• Secure and private
• Robust and scalable
• Low-latency, real-time data processing
• Large-scale batch processing




An application suite that includes a powerful computational engine for biosignal processing, an open-source visual pipeline designer, and tools for interfacing hardware and other functions.

• Comprehensive algorithm library: several hundred online processing nodes including advanced artifact (noise) removal, filtering, 3D brain mapping, neuronal system identification and connectivity, spatio-spectro-temporal decomposition methods, brain state classification using machine learning, and much more
• Real-time visualizations
• Broad hardware support: Supports most consumer and research EEG hardware and over 22 other device classes
• Pipelines deploy on NeuroScale™ for real-time access anywhere you can connect to the Internet


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